2020 Booking now open

Early Bird Pricing is now going on! 

Jan 9th - 12th 2020 - We wanted to release early to keep the prices low. On average, carnival raises the prices $10-$20 per person each month, if you book now you can save that. 

Now until Jan 2nd - $1 deposits and up to 10 months of payment plans or pay in full to save on CC fees

Note you will have to create a new account. 

Book Now:  2020.bootsonboard.com

Bundle and Save

Join us in CABO in june and we will return 10% total for booking both events. 

We are flying to the next Destination 

We are taking our country family to CABO in June of 2019. Our target for releasing rooms is by the new year for this also. We will have package deals from your HUB AIRPORT and your 3 night ALL-INCLUSIVE STAY with 5 month payment plans also. The best part of opening booking early is pricing. A room for two will be roughly $800 per person Including ALL Taxes and Transportation to the resort in Cabo
If interested please follow our event page for booking and info. https://www.facebook.com/events/386190085257979


2020 Country Booze Cruise.

Pricing and Payment Plans

We strive to get everyone onboard for the best pricing. To ensure this we have decided to open up booking as early as possible. Our target for releasing rooms is by the new year. We will have up to 10 month payment plans. Payment plans we have to add the CC fees. If you pay in full we do not charge any CC fees.  

It pays to have friends - 2020

All new in 2020, you will be able to earn for bringing your friends. 

Some of the great perks that you can earn for bringing friends will be the following: Learn how now! 

  • Free room upgrades
  • Free Cheers Packages
  • Meet and Greets with the Artist
  • Merchendise
  • and much much more!